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Drop Consumer Insights

Drop’s Consumer Insights provide the ability to track and leverage historic and ongoing row level transaction data across a panel of opted-in consumers to develop and deploy real-time surveys.

Over 2.9B transactions tracked
All-time active 580K survey respondents
Over 100M survey questions answered
Over 1.13M linked debit and credit accounts

Stay ahead of the curve.

Discover actionable insights that can help place your company ahead of the competition.

Unlock the What and Why

Gain valuable insights into the what and the why of the market through balanced quantitative & qualitative analysis of validated data.

Cross Spend Wallet Data

Get transparency into point-in-time transaction details across both credit and debit accounts for a panel of 420K+ opted-in consumers.

Competitive Analytics

Get visibility into your competitors performance and data allowing you to track promotional performance and more.

Data-informed insights that drive results.

Consumer Research

Inform business decisions by diving into consumer behavior, testing new concepts, or gauging future spend intent with custom survey micro-panels using targeting based on verified purchase data and psychographic profiles.

Brand Discovery

Build brand recognition and affinity through a gamified survey experience that our members love while educating on your value proposition, new offering, or upcoming promotion.

Trigger Surveys

Reach customers who are considering your brand for an upcoming purchase and contact shoppers right after they check out and collect timely feedback on their shopping experience.

Custom Micro-Panel

Reach exactly who you’re looking for with 15+ profile attributes to narrow down your audience and get even more specific with linked debit and credit card data.

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