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Drop Card-Linked Offers

Drop is a powerful marketing channel used to target customers based on their transaction data, empowering marketers to accurately measure return on ad spend, incremental lift and changes in market-share.

Reach 40M+ consumers
Over $1B in annual consumer spend
Average of 11x return on ad spend per campaign
Get a 360° view of member wallets

Supercharge your ROAS.

Boost your bottom line by spending your marketing dollars efficiently.

Targeting feature of the card linked offers platform.


Identify, segment and target customers based on demographic and spend data, launching personalized offers that drive incremental share of wallet.

Accurate measuring feature of the card linked offers platform.

Accurate Measurement

Conclusively measure incremental return on ad spend with treatment and holdout groups we create for you so you can maximize advertising on channels that are proven winners.

Real-time reporting feature of the card linked offers platform.

Real-Time Reporting

See real-time reports on how your campaigns are performing with proprietary attribution technologies and partnerships, which report data to you where you want and need it most.

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