Table stakes.

The food service industry is changing more rapidly than ever before. Gone are the days of sitting down at a table, waiting to be served. Now consumers can order almost anything they want from their phones and have it brought to them within an hour.

What the data says.

DoorDash continues to outpace the competition growing volume north of 20% YoY driven by strength in transaction growth, while both Uber Eats and GrubHub struggle to gain momentum. GrubHub, the worst performing food delivery service in our report, has failed to grow transaction volume since Q2 2020.

DoorDash has been able to maintain a premium in gross order value, which has grown each of the last 3 quarters thanks to their addition of “DoubleDash”, giving customers the ability to add items from nearby stores to their original order location. UberEats average order size has been on an upward trajectory since mid-2019 as they have expanded their available restaurants dramatically beyond fast food chains since their exclusive deal with McDonald’s in 2017.

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