25% of Crypto Owners also own an NFT; Crypto Owners are 2.5x more likely to own an NFT 

Key Takeaways from this Report

  1. 25% of Crypto Owners also own an NFT; Crypto Owners are 2.5 times more likely to own an NFT than the general population
  2. Consumers are not willing to spend a fortune on NFTs, with the majority of intenders wanting to spend $50 or less on their asset. However, brands launching NFTs may be bringing more price insensitive consumers to the market
  3. The general population has a higher likelihood of knowing NFT marketplaces with lower barriers to entry cost-wise (e.g., Mintable), while Crypto Owners prefer platforms with a slightly higher barrier to entry but a lower barrier to exit (e.g., OpenSea)
  4. While the dialogue in popular culture centers around art, consumers are interested in purchasing NFTs to make a buck. Profitability was a top motivator for 79% of Crypto Owners and 66% of crypto non-owners
  5. Despite efforts from brands to popularize utility NFTs, art and collectible formats remain the most recognized NFT formats

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