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Our North American Millennial and Gen Z members have spent over $144 billion since the launch of Drop.

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Gain a deep understanding of consumer behavior and actionable insights, to acquire new high-value customers that fit with your brand.

Increasing Market Share

Increase Market Share

Target and optimize your ad spend to reach specific, meaningful segments based on context, location, demographics and other attributes.

Retain Customers

Easily reward your most loyal customers with offers to drive incremental spend, increase your bottom-line and exceed your targets.

Access Valuable Insights

Unlock the what and why through balanced quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market in real time via verified spend and targeted surveys so you can move before the market.

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Get data, insights, measurement and so much more with Drop for Business.

Our real-time analytics platform drives competitive analytics across a variety of industries to help you to improve customer loyalty, optimize your customer acquisition tactics and understand your market share and performance – all in the form of a custom-built business intelligence dashboard.

An index approach ensures a new and active panel is created every day, which minimizes the impact of fluctuations on market spend trends. This allows you to reach, influence, and understand consumers at key points in their shopping journey, identify leaky buckets and market gaps for growth opportunities, track user sentiment, validate new product features, and optimize your marketing mix.

Drop members share multiple spending accounts, providing a complete view of wallet, which is leveraged to build transaction-targeted surveys that allow you to understand the “why” at the core of consumer spending trends.

And since our members engage with our merchant network, exchanging access to their transaction data and their sentiment via surveys for rewards, you can be sure you’re always getting access to ethically-sourced data.

With Drop Pulse, you can easily set up and manage offers in real-time, access and monitor reporting with industry-leading speeds and optimize current and future campaigns with data-informed insights. We give you the ability to track card-linked offer completions with affiliate-like attribution, by attaching “ghost click” events to our completions and automatically linking the last-click to the sale and the publisher, giving you better tracking and transparency in the process.

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