Driving sales on a new shopping occasion on Feb 13th

In Q1 2022, we ran a 3-week long campaign, beginning February 4 and culminating on February 26 to maximize ROAS for our partners during a typically slow time of the year for advertising and sales.

The Goal

Drive sales with the participating brands during a 3-week long period in February.

Why we ran Galentine’s

The first quarter of each year typically represents a lull in shopping volume for retailers as consumers take a step back after Holiday Shopping. An efficient use of advertising spend is essential during this time to capture as much consumer spend as possible. Creative marketing solutions and campaigns are most able to deliver impactful results by capturing the attention of shoppers.

Early February marks the beginning of many brands’ Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns; Drop sought to capitalize on this seasonality while also engaging consumers in a unique and memorable experience. A Galentine’s Day celebration perfectly captured the spirit of the occasion as well as offered a unique interpretation of a classic advertising campaign.

Sponsors received

  • Official contest partner designation and their logo featured on marketing collateral and the promotional landing page 
  • 1 dedicated email, 1 content card (for 7 days) and 1 push notification 
  • A mention in the Drop brand campaign, including PR and influencer marketing


The Galentine’s Day campaign was nominated as a Rakuten Advertising 2022 Golden Link Award Finalist for Most Innovative Campaign.

Over 37x ROAS for Sephora
Over 19x ROAS for Nike
Over 39x ROAS for Apple

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