Instacart wanted to increase their share of wallet and boost customer loyalty.

In Q4 2021, Instacart wanted to leverage the growing demand for delivery to increase their share of wallet – leaning on Drop to deliver content to consumers.

The Goal

Increase the brand’s share of wallet

Why Instacart Chose Drop 

  • +5M Members 
  • User experience powered by Drop’s data set and segmentations allows for very specific buyer persona targeting
  • High-value customer acquisition

The strategy  

Drop’s transaction dataset and member demographic was leveraged to ensure that only the most suitable consumers were delivered content in the form of multi-touch mobile advertising. High-value customers were the most desired to be acquired and were delivered richer incentives to convert into sales.

The Results

Over 34x ROAS in 2021 Q4
Over 185K in GMV in 2021 Q4
Over 38x ROAS in 2022 Q4
Over 438K in GMV in 2022 Q4